Who We Are

Siena Dexter

Founder / Chief Copywriter

Danielle Howard

Developer / Designer

Evgueuni Spiridonov

Freelance Senior Strategist

Nicola Jacobs

Lead 3D Designer

Katinka Donagemma

Packaging Design, & Branding

We are Idea Dolls, a creative agency who met in the big world of advertising and set out on a mission to work with independent businesses, creating masterpieces of design, words and branding.

What’s the deal with the dolls? Well, just a bit of fun, but if you want to get deep and metaphorical, the Russian dolls represent how we see brands…

Like the matryoshka doll, your brand or business is made up of lots of little elements, each opening up to reveal another, until you get to the idea, the core of the brand, the stuff that makes it tick – that magic spark that made you want to be a founder.

Our job is to find that core, figure out what makes you passionate about your business and then build all the other elements around it – from standout copy, product photography and social media to design, for websites, business cards, billboards, tractors…you get the idea.