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Good to all creation

GTAC is a meat product grown in a lab – cultured not culled, grown not born, it’s good for the planet and the palette. But making this taste-of-the-future dish appealing to the modern consumer was one of our greatest challenges yet.

Our approach leveraged the benefit of creating many (dishes) from one (sample). With a visual nod to DNA sequencing, and a brand name that’s a play on ‘GATC’ – the letters used to reference our DNA sequences, we hoped to guide consumers towards the sustainable potential of cultured meat.

Client: Good To All Creation

Deliverables: Brand Concept, Graphic Design, Copywriting, Packaging Design, 3D

Creatives: Siena Dexter: Creative Direction & Strategy / Catalina Din:  Graphic Design / Kieran Katwala:  Copywriting  & Brand Naming/ Katinka Donagemma: Artworking & Pack Design / 3D Art Direction, Styling & modelling thanks to our creative 3D partners: Squint Creative

2021: 2021

GTAC was featured in:World Brand Design The Dieline,  Creative Boom

Our direction steered clear of traditional meat packaging that often leverages flavour cues of the product. Cultured meat is still finding its feet in terms of mimicking the exact flavour of the real thing- often, muscle rich product lacks the fats that give flavour. Instead, we leaned into the sustainable potential of cultured meat to offer an earth-kind alternative to meat that’s farmed and culled.

Clean, cull-free meat called for clean aesthetic. We carried the message of ‘cleanliness’ and ‘minimal waste’ across the visual ID, through an uncluttered approach and demonstrative on-pack messaging. Instead of competing with traditional meat products at point of sale, a disruptive space-age design inspired by NASA space food packaging leverages innovation – appealing to early adopters

We chose a bold, clean font for minimal aesthetic, with raised spot printing adding texture to the accent colours and brand name – inviting customers to pick up the pack, interact with it, and most importantly look closer, interrupting their senses at point of sale.

GTAC storytelling is direct and personable, a rallying cry inviting shoppers to join our cause. With flavour being a questionable claim, storytelling instead  leverages the brand mission – to feed the world without feeding the carbon problem, enjoy meat and be good to all creation.

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