Amal’s Pantry

Amal's Pantry

Brand Creation

We were more than a little bit excited when 2019 Masterchef contestant Amal Cowan chose Idea Dolls to bring her Somali inspired basbas sauce range to life.

Our challenge was to adapt this Somali staple (which simple means ‘spice’) to a UK market without falling into the ‘hot sauce’ pile.

Our brand personality leverages flavour and experience over fire, with a fresh, modern and vibrant aesthetic that puts basbas in a category of its own – rising above the ruckus.


client: Amal’s Pantry

Deliverables: Brand positioning & strategy, SKU naming, illustration,  tagline, Visual ID, Logo design, tone of voice.

Creatives: Siena Dexter – Creative Direction + Copywriting, Olivia Goodenough – Illustration and packaging design, Sam Baum – logo design, Graphic Design, Kieran Katwala – Copywriting, Allesandra Bossi – Graphic design

year: 2019

Naming & position

Our initial workshop helped us understand Amal’s vision for the brand and get a sense of her journey and mission. (behind the scenes snap on the right! >>> being a branding agency in London has its perks!)

Sauces and condiments is a growing category, but we didn’t want basbas to end up in the world food aisle. We positioning the brand in a way that makes it accessible to the adventurous foodie, without the visual  stereotypes of an exotic sauce.

Amal was making waves on Masterchef, so we decided to use the proposed brand name ‘Feed & Fable’ as a tagline and put Amal’s name on the jars instead.


We played around with different articulations of the logo, colour palette and illustration style. 

The palette was vibrant and inviting, while the logo design marries the exotic with a clean, modern font.

Scroll down to explore our illustrated assets, off-pack and on-pack executions.

on-pack story

The soul at the heart of this brand longs to bring people together.

Inspired by ancient tales passed down the generations in poetic verse, we recreated the ‘around the hearth’ experience by giving  each of the sauces it’s own rhyme. 



Brand Guide delivery

Our brand guidelines and ‘goodie bag’ assets file was delivered to the proud chef ready for her basbas world domination. Using the guide, Amal can communicate her brand soul wherever her culinary adventures take her.

Watch this space for updated pictures of the final jars, we’re still playing around with all kinds of fun papers and finishes.


feed the fable