2020’s top 5 packaging copy trends

We looked at consumer and cultural shifts over the last year, from research conducted independently, and for the brands we work with exploring stylistic shifts that we believe will be picked up by up-and-coming brands and integrated into existing brand personalities for effective targeting – and again in actual words instead of marketing jargon – we recking brands who use this style will be a hit with people who are bored of the same old self-depreciating shcpiel on packs they buy.

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Cannabis – why weed better get used to it

Cannabis: formally frowned upon as a demon drug; wacky ‘baccie, The Devil’s lettuce, Beelzebub’s broccoli, once comparable to crack cocaine and amphetamines, is now one of the bestselling items in your local cosmetic store.

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What is brand purpose?

Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. While the 4 P’s of marketing have remained a cornerstone of marketing theory, a 5th P has been making a strong case for its inclusion. Purpose (brand purpose) has become an essential ingredient for solidifying brand identity…

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