Brand Bunker

as you watch brands all around you land listings in national retailers, you think... damn. that should be me!

Take the guesswork out of your brand creation with our expert-led course

Your vision isn’t to freeze your bottom on a market stall (winter IS coming). It’s not to fiddle around with a side-hustle and a ‘real job’ when you know this business is your destiny. No. Your product deserves more than that. OK, so you don’t  have 10k do drop on a branding agency right now…

Good thing Brand Bunker is only £215!

there's a rebel force in you that's better than the startup grind

sure, it's nice to say you run your own business, but you want more, don't you?

We’re entrepreneurs like you, so we get it. You want the freedom of running your own show, of answering to no one, of putting your mark on the world. No one told you that running a business meant suddenly ALWAYS being at work. That you swapped the daily commute for the life of a coffee-shop nomad, fielding calls with suppliers amidst a sea of screaming babies. 

If you’re like us, living the startup dream is nice and all… but you want more!

We’ll just say it, you want money. You want holidays. You want to hire great staff and a real office with your company branding, a HR team and a coffee machine. But more than all that you want to walk into Tesco stores and see you brand on the shelves- or better still, flying off it. 

You’re bigger than the ‘startup grind’. You’re better than the founders chipping away at the dream they’ve been promised while worrying about the bills. 

Your ambition got you this far, are you ready to put it to work, starting NOW?

course carriculum

your brand concept

>The simple tool you can use to judge whether your concept will fly or flop

>How big brands like Budweiser use the ‘cultural’ branding method to create concepts that stick their concept

Group 49-2

Brand positioning

> Why targeting only millennials is the tell-tell sign of ineffective positioning

> Money saving hacks for finding free reports

> Face-palmingly simple ways to use statistics in your brand strategy

> Creating effective consumer profiles based on DISC, demographics and psychographics

> BONUS material (for coaching students only) – 60 minute interview with DISC expert and international bestselling author Thomas Erikson, who explains how to use DISC to give you an edge over market brands.

Brand soul

>The easy quiz you can take in 5 minutes to identify your brand personality (no more searching for your ‘why’)

>How your brand soul helps answer tricky buyer questions

>The simple formula for cementing your purpose – no more faffing around writing lengthy ‘we believe’ mission statements! 

Brand Naming

>5 types of brand name and what each will bring to your business

>How we find ideas for brand naming (and don’t just name them after the founder)

>How a strategy-led naming process can empower your brand equity

Tone of voice

>One guide, a clear tone and purpose-led style direction -never handhold your marketing team, social or PR through your brand tone communication ever again

>See our brand tone develop step-by-step including external VS internal comms, writing legal content and punctuation guides

visual structure

>Do you even need a creative agency? When to outsource and when to DIY

>Elements of the creative brief – how to create your visual ID brief so you can direct even the most junior designer

>Mood boarding, developing your palette, developing your fonts


> Branding of yesteryear and why your packaging design is more important now than ever before

> Your pack information – messaging hierarchy – your burst disruptors, quality statements and announcements

> How to streamline your on-pack messaging and visual assets into 3 simple categories



Siena – founder of Idea Dolls has worked with international award wining ad agencies and global brands like Deliveroo and Moonpig. For the last two years she’s been building and launching independent brands at Idea dolls with a strategy-led approach and application of Jungean psychology to consumer behaviour. This is the first time she’s switched from creator to teacher.

If you’re beyond ready to stop watching opportunities whoosh by, join our Brand Bunker and get....

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  • See how we got our brand in front of investors, on our FIRST TRY without even having a product
  • Instant access to 7 growth-growing modules on our dedicated Thinkific platform

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