Brand Identity

Every brand has a personality, and the way it looks, sounds and acts will affect how customers will interact with it. Watching an initial idea transform into a walking, talking brand is an exciting journey and we like our clients to be a part of it.

Together we’ll create a brand your target customers will relate to, and a thriving community of fans, actively promoting your message.

Step 1


We find out all about you and your vision.

Step 2


This is where we deliver all the things we promised.

Step 3


Now let’s get you some fans!

We’ll sit down with you for an informal analysis of your business. This stage will allow us to define a clear positioning in the market and establish a unique and differentiating brand territory that will inspire and direct creative development.

An initial deposit is required for our workshop, redeemable against cost of your project.

Whooo-hoo welcome on board. You’re one of us now: a ‘business unicorn’ with a vision for greatness. At the end of this stage we will deliver things like a logo, manifesto, website design and content, packaging for your products, or anything else we defined in our initial exploration workshop.

We will advise you on the best way to keep your customers engaged and entertained, and the tools you need to connect with all your awaiting fans. things like: digital content, social media or an in-store activation campaign.