Copywriting and Creative Content

‘Copy’ is a bunch of words that sells stuff. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be creative and fun. For us, any piece of copy should greet you like a charming new friend you’d like to know better.

Step 1

Brand Propositioning / Positioning

What does your brand stand for? If it was a person, what would it be called? How would it walk, talk and act? Most importantly, how would it make friends?

Our consultation process factors in the rest of the market and where your brand fits in that pond. Even if you happen to be the only player, we develop a way of ‘interacting’ that’s unique to you and the vision that made you excited to launch your venture in the first place.

Getting your tone of voice right at the start makes communicating so much simpler as you expand, pitch to investors and scale your business.

Step 2

Copy and Content

Once your tone of voice and positioning is established, we’ll work out the best platforms from which to communicate with your waiting tribe of fans.

The elusive ‘hive’of engaged customers have the power to share your content far and wide – creating a buzz so that your investment actually appreciates over time.

Content that adds value means visitors hang around your site for longer, checking things out – this will increase your visibility on Google.

You’ll attract links to your page, go up in Google’s rankings and attract PR through social media mentions and shares. Essentially, content is FREE advertising with no time-limit.

Offering consistent value positions you as a leader in your field – someone to follow, talk about and most importantly, respect.