Brand Creation

Good to all creation

GTAC is a meat product grown in a lab – cultured not culled, grown not born, it’s good for the planet and the palette. But making this taste-of-the-future dish appealing to the modern consumer was one of our greatest challenges yet.

Our approach leveraged the benefit of creating many (dishes) from one (sample). With a visual nod to DNA sequencing, and a brand name that’s a play on ‘GATC’ – the letters used to reference our DNA sequences, we hoped to guide consumers towards the sustainable potential of cultured meat.

Client: Good To All Creation

Deliverables: Brand Concept, Graphic Design, Copywriting, Packaging Design, 3D

Creatives: Siena Dexter: Creative Direction & Strategy / Catalina Din:  Graphic Design / Kieran Katwala:  Copywriting  & Brand Naming/ Katinka Donagemma: Artworking & Pack Design

year: 2021

We chose a bold, clean font for minimal aesthetic, with raised spot printing adding texture to the accent colours and brand name – inviting customers to pick up the pack, interact with it, and most importantly look closer, interrupting their senses at point of sale.

Brand tone of voice is direct and personable, a rallying cry inviting shoppers to join our cause. Unlike most meat brands on the market that focus on taste, GTAC leverages the brand mission – to feed the world without feeding the carbon problem.

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