Brand Creation

The founders of Heyoo saw an opportunity to offer vitamins to the price-concious shopper and came to us for label design and branding. We jumped at the chance to turn ‘value vitamins and supplements’ on their head with a minimal, yet playful brand personality that will stand out from crowded category shelves.

client: Heyoo

Deliverables: Brand positioning & strategy, naming, SKU naming, Visual ID, Logo design, tone of voice, website design, copy and development.

Creatives: Siena Dexter – Creative Direction, Copywriting. Sam Baum – Art Direction, Graphic Design, Kieran Katwala – Copywriting, Zac Huddart – Web design and build.

year: 2019

Naming & position

We spent the first few weeks of the project researching the category and found what shoppers were overwhelmed by on-pack messaging and just wanted to enjoy their busy lives with more energy and focus.

We created the brand name Heyoo to almost coooo at shoppers from the shelf. Then each SKU name marries with the Heyoo brand name – Heyoo mastermind, Heyoo busybee and Heyoo sleepyhead for a brand voice that emulates real life experiences.


with a clear brief, positioning and name in place, we fine tuned our packaging design across the 3 SKUs, and creating lively on-pack copy. The easy-going nature of the brand  is in the minimal design, while its confidence lies in the playful copy. 

Bees don’t like to crash! This one’s for the do-it- allers, humans that is, not bees, because we’ve never actually seen a bee drinking anything, let alone effervescent multivitamins that help you feel better, look sharper and generally buzz harder.

Fine tubing

We created a unique story for each of the vitamin SKUs with a cheeky voice that amplifies the unconventionally healthy heart of the brand. We all like to feel good, but what if picking up your ‘feel-good-pills’ was as fun as impulse  buying (insert your guilty pleasure here).

Our palette  is bright, bold and gender neutral. It might look like pink is for girls, and blue is for boys, but gender-defined branding is so 2012. Heyoo is for Everyone!

Brand Guide delivery

We created a complete brand guideline for the Heyoo team – including a tone of voice guide, font, palette and brand soul or positioning. 

We then created a kick-ass website too and our work still continues now, so watch this space.

The vitamin for those who 'life' too hard