Brand Creation

Heyoo Vitamins

Vitamin startup Chemimed were looking for a branding agency in London to create packaging for their debut range of value vitamins. Their brief was simple:  to create a brand, and packaging design that would appeal to cost-conscious shoppers who want to live healthier lives but may be confused by the hard-to-navigate VMS category.

With a retailer already lined up, we were given one other specification – the design had to stand out against the dark lighting behind the till and be eye-catching enough to tempt busy Londis, Premiere and Budgens shoppers who are unlikely to take their time browsing.

Client: Heyoo

Deliverables: Branding, graphic design, illustration, strategic definition, packaging design, copywriting

Creatives: Siena Dexter – Creative Direction, strategy / Sam Baum– Art Direction, Graphic Design, illustration / Kieran Katwal

year: 2019

Press: Packaging of the World

The VMS category in the UK is growing fast as we work harder, focus longer and want to feel better, be healthy, juggle work, kids, and grand plans for the future with not enough time to do any of it. Our research found that whilst being healthy was important, consumers were confused about what exactly this meant and which products would be most personally effective. Growth in the category was predicted to come from 25-45 year olds in search of workable solutions to three everyday generational concerns:  fatigue, low focus and lethargy. 

A clean, bold font and informal lower-case lettering is personable, yet demands attention. The tilted ‘e’ in the logo breaks up otherwise clean, straight lines. The palette of bright, playful block colours was designed to evoke a clean, minimal yet personable feel, accented with hand-drawn eye to demonstrate the humanist approach by the brand – a harmonious balance between structure and free-flow. 

We hope that through simplicity, boldness and lightness of tone, we can offer the price-conscious shopper a ‘feel-good’ brand experience, not commonly associated with vitamins. Heyoo is the ‘spoonful of sugar’ in the supplement purchase experience, guiding shoppers to a clutter free experience.

Healthy living shouldn’t be a luxury for those who can afford to shop premium. We hope to encourage positive daily rituals and healthy impulse purchases, by making affordable vitamins widely accessible and visually appealing. Bye bye impulse snacks, Heyoo to impulse health!

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