Into the Wylde

Verbal Identity

Write about a vegan sexual lubricant for girls that’s good for thrush only we can’t say thrush? Brand design in London is never dull! 

Kathie – founder of Into the Wylde, has been developing her product for the good part of five years and entrusted us with giving it a voice, a snappy tagline and some on-pack copy that reframes attitudes to thrush, without directly saying thrush (regulations, schmegulations)

Here’s how we ‘reawakened play’ with vulva lovin’ care….

client: into the wylde

Deliverables: brand positioning, tone of voice, tagline, on-pack copy and hierarchy, website copy + messaging structure.

Creatives: Siena Dexter – copywriting and positioning

year: 2019


First, we had to work out what to say and who to say it to. 

Our tone of voice drew inspiration from the cheeky voice of founder Kathie, but we were careful to steer clear of messaging that sounded smutty – after all, this is a brand that should sit proudly on your bedside table, not be hidden away out of sight. 


With only a few lines to play with, and so much to say about this awesome brand, we wrote a long and short versions, spent sleepless nights wondering how to say ‘moist’ without being gross, and how we can say ‘intimate areas’ without shying away from actually saying – your vulva. Scroll to see what we came up with..

Wylde one is the natural way to reawaken play, even on sensitive days. This botanical-based body-friendly lube is vegan and organic with a vagina-balanced pH, so it acts like your natural juicy stuff (on a good day) this gentle lubricant is condom-safe and nasties free, so now you can get down and dirty, safe in the knowledge that your lubricant is 100% clean!

Tone of voice guide

We created a concise tone of voice guide to that any creative (or Kathie herself) could create a consistent tone across all her communication, from social to trade, blogs and legally required disclaimers.

marketing material

Our tone of voice guide was rolled our across the  website copy, and our slogans ‘vulva lovin’ care’, ‘reawaken play’, and ‘freethev’ continue to share Into the Wylde’s message of connection, care and between-the-sheets boogie woogie good times.


Idea Dolls captured the heart of Into the Wylde perfectly and distilled it to make it live and breath.