Client: Loafly

Project: Brand naming, Logo design, visual identity, website design and content

Creatives: Siena Dexter – Creative Direction, Copywriting

Sam Baum – Art Direction, Graphic Design

We were stoked when Israeli app Milkman approached us to rename, rebrand and launch their brand in the UK Market

Our brief was to create an ownable brand name and visual identity that said ‘breakfast you want to jump out of bed for’, inspiring breakfast-loving busy bees with the joy of a hand-picked breakfast for all those times you wished borough market was on your doorstep.

Step 1 Name

The name ‘Milkman’ wouldn’t speak to a European audience in the same way as it did in Israel, where the milk round was a thing of novelty and not nostalgia.

The founders wanted a name that was ownable, a word that was completely new.

So, we got thinking!

We tried various iterations of morning, and various ways of saying bread. We ate a ton of toast, thought about biblical names like ‘morning manna’ and finally, after about three hours of staring at a loaf of bread some time around 2am (the best time to brainstorm ideas), Loafly was born.

The team loved their new name, which combined the main product offering ‘loaf’ with ‘lovely’, the word makes you think of warm bread and round delicious breakfast things.

With the brand named, we set about creating its visual ID.

Step 2 Design

We played around with warm shades: terracotta reds and mustardy yellows. A loaf-like beige was a favourite, and we added energy it up with morning tones. Typography was slimmed down for a premium artisan feel

A smile, and sun rays decorate the ‘O’ bringing energy and warmth to create an ownable wordmark which can be used as a brand icon.

Step 3 Launch

Loafly’s visual ID was translated across social @loaflyuk, the Loafly app and the new website with a burst of playful breakfast goodies.

Loafly rolled out the design onto their new delivery bags…. Ready to land a breakfast of champions on lucky Loafly doorsteps.

Hurray! No more soggy cereal and stale old bread.