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Competing in the big leagues doesn’t take a £2m ad budget. It takes a team of brand-obsessed creatives and a proven process for launching consumer brands into supermarkets. Here’s how we work…

Kick-off session

Our kick-off session is a half-day workshop. After we find out all about your brand baby, we head to the research den to get stuck into the most current trend reports. We visit supermarkets, check out your competition and create a brief that’s anchored in solid strategic insight.

Naming & concept

We use our strategy to create the bones of the project around which our creative development is formed. We may suggest a new name and two directions for your visual identity. Then we tweak, fine-tune and develop across on-pack and off-pack executions (so you can see how it will look on the pack but also, say, a flyer)

Art is a personal act of courage, something one human does that creates change in another.

bringing your brand to life

With a clear brief and positioning, we design, write, illustrate and rhyme your brand to life. From on-pack copy, packaging design to tagline, palette, fonts and all the little touches that breathe personality and purpose.

… after all, people buy feeling, not products. (Seth Godin didn’t say that, but he agrees)

Brand Guide delivery

Your brand book will include a complete tone of voice guide as well as visual ID design guidelines – font (and how to use it) colour palette, illustrations. You’ll also have a blueprint of your brand soul, what you stand for, your mission, your vision, and everything you’ll need to articulate it across communication touchpoints.

Sweet things
Clients say

Idea Dolls totally got what we were trying to do, and helped us develop a tone of voice for out brand

Ian Carpenter
London Brunch fest

Idea dolls have the amazing ability to compress a lot of information and reposition it as succinct, creative, emotive ideas that capture an audiences attention. Idea dolls captured the head of into the Wild perfectly and distilled it to make it live & breath!

Kathie Bishop
Into the Wylde

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