We need ask the difficult questions to deliver powerful results, because we know you don’t just need branding, you need to know your category, your audience and your offering better than any competitor on the market. Our process will get you there.

Stage 1: discovery

This stage will inform our brief so that every creative idea is grounded by clear insight. We kick off with a half day workshop, asking all the hard questions, finding out all you know and all you’re yet to know. We visit supermarkets, trend reports and customer feedback before presenting our proposed approach.

Stage 2: concept

We design three creative routes that answer the brief; three on-pack execution, three brand names, three completely unique approaches. So you get to choose a favourite, safe in the knowledge that each option will deliver the results you’re after.

Art is a personal act of courage, something one human does that creates change in another.

step 3: visual and verbal identity

We design, write, illustrate and rhyme your brand to life. From on-pack copy & packaging design to your tagline, messaging, palette, fonts and all the little touches that breathe personality, purpose and brand power.


Cape-f* diem. If you like what we have to say, if it sounds a bit like you, if you want to change more than your design – if you’re ready to change EVERYTHING, mark this moment. This is where it started. Then, mark your details in this form.