Who we are

You’re probably wondering what the deal is with the Russian dolls, so here’s the deep and meaningful expo.

Like the matryoshka doll, your brand or business is made up of lots of little elements, each opening up to reveal another, until you get to the idea, the core of the brand, the stuff that makes it tick – that magic spark that makes it like no other.

Our job is to find that core, figure out what makes your brand iconic – the heart and soul, then build all the other elements around it –  the words, the look, the name – all the ways it communicates with investors and shoppers.

Our senior creatives hail from international advertising and packaging agencies including Hornall Anderson, TBWA and BBDO working on brands like Moonpig, Deliveroo, Marmite, Lola’s Cupcakes, Leon and  Lancome.

But all that big-brand business doesn’t do it for us.

The real fun of branding lies in challenging an existing category, or creating an entirely new one. We love the excitement of the bold and the beautiful, the round pegs in square holes.

That’s why we want to work with you!

Creative Director, strategic lead, Gemini, way too into star signs

Graphic Designer, fast talker, packaging obsessive (a little Italian)

Brand designer and illustrator, Gin and Gilmore Girls

Account Director, born in Belfast, class-act plate spinner

Brand Copywriter, has watched the whole of Stargate twice. Even Atlantis.

Bristolian Brand Designer, logo whizz, not really a cat, just camera shy


Amal Cowan — “ What a delightful team to work with! Idea Dolls understood our vision and delivered brand guidelines that we're very happy with and will help take the business to the next level.”

Founder, Amal's Pantry
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Kathie Bishop — “Idea dolls have the amazing ability to compress a lot of information and reposition it as creative ideas. They captured the heart of Into the Wylde perfectly to make it live & breathe”

Founder, Into the Wylde

JD Furlong — “World class”

Founder, Nooro


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