Dance with Attitude

Concept & Design: Olivia Goodenough

Project: Brand Creation & Packaging Design

The brief was to create a modern, luxury fashion brand for teenage dancers. Dance with Attitude is about more than classic style and comfort, it’s about harnessing the power of the modern dancer, a dancer that comes in any shape or size, who wants to express themselves through their movement as well as the clothes they wear. 

The diversity of leotard designs means dancers can change their design to suit their body shape or mood, while the packaging itself is multi-functional.


The packaging itself is multi-functional – the cylindrical shape designed with durable qualities and a handy strap to carry their kit to class – making it reusable, sustainable and an instantly recognisable accessory for a troupe of brand ambassadors

Olivia set out to do more than just create a leotard design that’s merely functional. by understanding the challenges dancers face, from varying body shapes to a desire to feel great in their dance-wear, and belong to a tribe that’s as passionate, openminded and honest as they are. The word ‘expression’ is key to this execution. The tones are classic and understated while the typography is bold and demonstrative, creating a brand that articulated the freedom of true expression, updated for the 21st century dancer.

"Dance with your heart, and your feet will follow"